4th Annual Ultrasound Symposium

Upstate South Carolina will be an exciting place to be February 21-22. Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System is sponsoring its 4th Annual Ultrasound Symposium designed to enhance the participants’ ability to perform and interpret ultrasound exams. Core Sound Imaging welcomes the opportunity support this event and exhibit Studycast, our comprehensive ultrasound and vascular testing workflow solution.

Dr. William Cuyler Calton Jr., MD, board certified vascular and general surgeon will speak to the attendees about EVAR and vascular ultrasound surveillance and lower extremity revascularizations. He is among several other experts who speak at this year’s event.

A recent update to our EVAR and Lower Extremity Venous SmartWorksheets will allow for efficient reporting of the types of ultrasound exams highlighted by Dr. Calton.

Attendees at the Ultrasound Symposium can look forward to seeing Studycast’s many other reporting templates, and hearing from many other interesting leaders in ultrasound.

For details on this event, please visit: www.spartanburgregional.com/community/events/details/?eventId=3e7a9e69-e07b-e411-ade7-782bcb3b39aa