The Studycast team recently attended a workshop at the Charlotte Area Health Education Center (AHEC) for primary care physicians titled: “Cardiovascular Update for Primary Care Physicians 2013.” The Charlotte AHEC is part of the NC AHEC Program and strives to fulfill its mission of providing quality educational opportunities for all healthcare professionals by building partnerships, promoting recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals, and advancing healthcare in the community.

The center has workshops and continuing education classes on an ongoing basis and on many different topics, but Studycast was especially interested in attending the topic on cardiovascular topic because of Studycast’s strong ties with primary care physicians in providing them with cardiology cloud PACS that are scalable to their practice.

Medical Imaging Software

Studycast cloud PACS allows physicians to transmit and view medical images anywhere with internet access. It is a SaaS model and HIPPA compliant, making all patient data safe and secure in the cloud.

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