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The following customer summaries highlight why our clients chose Studycast®, how the system has improved workflow, administrative benefits achieved for the facilities, and the overall impact on customer care. Take a look at these studies below, then schedule a demo to see how we can apply these same benefits to your facility HERE.


Zion Market Research predicts $1.7B of global ultrasound market growth by 2021, creating the increased burden of “managing technology”, both clinically and administratively, for healthcare facilities, and more specifically, physicians in private practice. Core Sound Imaging’s cloud-based Studycast® software offers a solution to address these rapidly changing imaging needs.


Client: Kentucky Cardiology

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

The Challenge: Kentucky Cardiology is owned by two physicians in Lexington, KY, accredited by IAC for quality patient care in echo, vascular, PET and nuclear cardiology. Both board certified physician-owners, Dr. Avi Eres and Dr. Mubashir Quazi, are committed to serving the community by providing a superior standard of cardiovascular care to their patients.

The practice had previously enlisted a cloud-PACS solution through a different vendor, and struggled for 3 months to complete the implementation. Once in place, the web-based system underperformed on promised workflow automation capabilities. Practice administrator, Stephanie Stephens, reported that the vendor’s technology system was not auto-populating measurement data for their ultrasound machines, a crucial need that required a manual stopgap. The team heard about Studycast®’s reliable automated workflow features from their accreditation consultant, and was eager to learn more.

Solution: After a thorough evaluation of the Studycast® software, Kentucky Cardiology made the decision to transition over to this new system for an improved, effective automated workflow solution.

Implementation Time: 19 days

The Results: The implementation required connection to the practice’s three Toshiba Aplio cardiac and vascular ultrasound systems, to record measurements from more than a dozen types of exams.  Expectations were that, by their go live date, the following would be achieved:

  • All exam measurements would auto-populate in the Studycast® SmartWorksheets™, and exam protocols would be reflected in each of the worksheet templates and final reports.  
  • Workflow automation would be optimized with Studycast®’s custom configuration options so that physicians received notification when exams were ready for interpretation.
  • Comprehensive training would be provided for the practice’s 24 user employees.
  • Clinical & administrative reporting would be streamlined with Studycast® accreditation, QA/QC and administrative reporting tools, enabling improved oversight of facility operations and clinical quality.

In less than 3 weeks, Kentucky Cardiology’s Studycast® system went live, all users at the facility received full training on the new cloud-PACS technology, workflow automation was configured, and all measurements were populating as expected. Practice management was very pleased with the successful integration of an image storage and reporting solution that not only delivered, but improved, quality of care.

Follow-Up: Now that Studycast® has been in place with Kentucky Cardiology since 2015, Dr. Eres’ expectations have been exceeded for the quality of the product, the level of support from Core Sound Imaging, as well as the improved service they are able to deliver to their patients.  He adds, “Studycast® is phenomenal – the product, the service – everything.”

The ultrasound market is predicted to grow $1.7B by 2021. Zion market research predicts that global demand will grow from %5.2 billion to $6.9 billion by 2021. Yet physicians in private practice feel the burden of ‘managing technology’.

“The introduction of an [electronic record] into a busy labor and delivery setting did not reduce time spent in direct patient care activities; instead, direct patient care activities increased.” – concludes research published in Advances in Patient Safety



Solution: Studycast® for clinical environment

Client: Women’s Comprehensive Healthcare of New Jersey

Location: West Long Branch, NJ

Problem: Eliminate paper when documenting ultrasound exams without slowing down the pace of this busy office and route results of ultrasound exams into athena Clinicals while maintaining comprehensive, high quality reporting.

Implementation Time: 20 days

Results: Image storage and reporting solution that not only delivered but improved quality of care.


The Challenge: This very busy OB/Gyn practice with five physicians, three midwives and nurse practitioners wanted to maintain their highly efficient practice that operates in three locations. With over 25 years of experience they had a reputation for exceptional care. They needed to automate their processes and had recently implemented athena Clinicals at their practice. They wanted a comprehensive reporting solution for obstetrics and gynecology. Fast and professional reports needed to be created quickly. The providers wanted the ability to share images and preliminary reports with their patients in the exam room immediately following the ultrasound exam. They also needed the ability to approve the reports and view the results of their ultrasound exams directly in the patient’s chart in athena Clinicals.


The Results: A complete implementation, including training of all practitioners and administrative users and the interface to athena Clinicals, was achieved in under 3 weeks.

The practice was able to maintain the quick processing of images and the creation of a preliminary report that they were used to with their old paper method while optimizing workflow in many areas.

Administrative reports that provide a breakdown of exams by physicians, approve time, location and referring physicians provide oversight for the facility. One of the physicians has been able to approve exams from multiple states.

The obstetric reports provide their patients with a quality report that includes growth charts and study images. Additionally, the practice can share the images with the patients electronically so the patients can share their ultrasound images with friends and family from their smartphone or computer.

The practice achieved a streamlined solution that allows results to be available from Studycast® within the patient’s chart in the EMR. Consistency in reporting and staff satisfaction are among some of the biggest benefits of the Studycast® implementation.

This practice has been using Studycast® for more than three years. “Studycast® is one of the easiest implementations of a technology solution we have ever experienced. The Studycast® team continues to exceed our expectations with their excellent attitude and responsiveness.”, Dr. Dominick LoBraico, DO FACOG.

The Bureau of Labor Statistic predicts an 18 percent increase in jobs in this field by 2018, versus the 7-10 percent average for all U.S. occupations.

“Technology today affects every single aspect of modern society. But nowhere is this immense impact more apparent than in the field of medicine and healthcare.” – Bianca Banova, AIMS



Solution: Studycast® Educational Program for ultrasound program

Client: Oregon Institute of Technology

Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon

Problem: Oregon Institute of Technology could not identify a PACS solution that adequately met the needs of the vascular and cardiac ultrasound programs. Large investment costs required by on premise solutions and limited budgets meant the ultrasound programs at OIT had a resource problem. Ultrasound machines had to be used by students performing the exams, students reviewing their work and teachers grading their work.

Implementation time: 8 days

Results: Professors were able to log in and review work from home. Students reviewing their images could do so from their devices (Windows PC, Mac, iPad or tablet). Students increased their understanding of a clinical environment by working with a current technology solution for reviewing images and creating preliminary reports.


The Challenge: Finding a PACS solution that would fit the ultrasound program’s budget. A large investment in an on premise PACS solution would require a lengthy budget approval. Additionally, the ultrasound program had a lot of different ultrasound machines. Often an on-premise solution was vendor specific and would not work with all equipment.

Additionally, there were other limitations. If OIT purchased multiple licenses so that several instructors and multiple students could review student images at the same time, this would mean additional cost. If they purchased only one license for the on premise viewing station, they would provide the students with exposure to a PACS but would do very little to resolve the current ‘bottle neck’.


The Results: Studycast® was implemented at OIT and is in its third year. It is both fiscally and functionally successful. The variety of equipment used in the vascular and cardiac ultrasound programs were able to successfully transmit exams to Studycast®. Ultrasound machines are used for acquiring exams. All other work that has to be done by students and faculty can be completed on Studycast®.

The ultrasound program benefits from unlimited access by students and faculty. Students can review the images they have acquired on Studycast®. Assignments are submitted by students and the time of submission is logged for instructors. Instructors can review student assignments from the convenience of their home, or while sitting at their favorite coffee shop. When the faculty finish reviewing assignments, their reviews are sent to the students via email or available for review online.

As Barry Canaday, Associate Professor and Echocardiography Program Director at OIT shared, “I can review student assignments at home. No need to drive back into the school in the evening to grade assignments.”

Additionally, Studycast® allows the faculty to save cases for teaching purposes. The staff agree that Studycast® has improved both the quality of education they are able to offer and made it easier for students and faculty to complete their work.

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