Hand-Held Cardiac Ultrasounds with Web Based Interpretation

Studycast was featured in a recent article in the Heart journal published by the British Cardiovascular Society. The article summarized a research study lead by Evangelista A, Galuppo V, Méndez J, et al. that focused on "the usefulness of hand-held cardiac ultrasound performed by family doctors in primary care, with web-based remote expert support interpretation, [...]

Medical Imaging Improves Patient Care

A new study from the Journal of the American College of Radiology says that medical imaging improves patient care and decision making for physicians.

Save Time and Money with Cloud PACS

Cloud PACS have made it easier and more cost-effective for radiologists to gain better image access. They are ideal for practices looking for a new radiology workflow solution that has a low cost-of-entry.

Increasing Cost and Usage of Echocardiograms

A recent New York Times article was written about the increasing costs and usage of echocardiograms in the United States. The piece questioned why the same patient getting an outpatient echocardiogram at two different hospitals would have a large discrepancy in cost billed. The article also references the diminished size and increased portability of echocardiograms.

Neuroimaging Detects Vascular Diseases

A new study shows that brain changes associated with vascular disease can be detected via neuroimaging tests—even before a patient presents with symptoms or signs of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease. This has positive implications for the prevention, identification, and advancement of vascular disease in patients.

Trends in Mobile Ultrasound

As mobile ultrasound technologies grow, they are becoming more frequently used in the office and on-the-go. These portable ultrasound devices are now starting to be used by emergency medical professionals to determine life-threatening injuries before victims are taken to the hospitals.