How Easy Is Studycast®?

Think ‘online banking’ access and security. You have access to your images and data from anywhere and at anytime.

Step 1

Upload medical images and measurement data

Step 2

View images and approve reports

Step 3

Route final report and images to EMR, referring doctor or specified destination

Cloud PACS vs. On-Premise PACS

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Studycast® is synonymous with innovative medical imaging solutions. Studycast® is the right fit for the smallest practices as well as the largest enterprise facilities (and everything in between). Imaging centers as well as mobile imaging providers all benefit from Studycast® as a cost effective, powerful solution. Out of the box.


  • Autopopulation of measurements from ultrasound machines
  • Auto BSA indexing
  • Interactive 17-segment model with auto statement generation
  • Quick-favorite report functionality
  • Automatic pediatric z-score calculation
  • Automated stress echo viewing protocols
  • View 3-D/4-D images
  • Built-in voice recognition
  • Smart compare of previous exam findings/conclusions
  • Quick compare of previous images
  • Customized cath macros
  • Auto import findings/conclusions from previous exams
  • Nuclear reporting includes interactive diagram for perfusion and function reporting with auto statement generation
  • Meets ASNC, IAC-nuclear, IAC-echo, and CSE Guidelines
  • ECG and Holter management includes access to results and efficient reporting anywhere.
  • Comprehensive reporting for Exercise Tolerance testing
  • Meets QA/QC and accreditation reporting


  • Out-of-the box custom protocol configuration
  • Interactive diagrams with auto statement generation
  • Invasive and non-invasive reporting
  • Endovascular reporting
  • Vein procedure reporting
  • Auto import findings/conclusions from previous exams
  • Angio reporting with custom macros
  • QA/QC and data correlation/accreditation
  • Meets SVU, IAC-vascular and ACR guidelines

Studycast® delivers cost effective, powerful solutions – out of the box.

Women’s Health

Image management

  • Route images to EMR
  • Share images with patients


  • Gynecology reporting
  • Breast ultrasound reporting
  • Obstetric reporting includes:
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester reporting
    • Dating and growth charts
    • Facility-configurable presets
    • Biophysical profile
    • Quick and comprehensive fetal well-being
    • Auto import findings/conclusions from previous exams

General Imaging & Specialties

Image management

  • Route images to EMR
  • Share images with patients


  • Endocrinology reports including interactive diagrams with auto statement generation
  • MSK reporting and image archiving made easy
  • Abdominal ultrasound reporting that is quick and consistent
  • Nephrology reporting and image archiving made easy
  • Comprehensive and quick CIMT and ultrasound screening reporting

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