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Cloud Based PACS & Workflow Features

The best thing about cloud-based PACS systems is that enterprises can easily offer greater on-patient care, since they will have a comprehensive imaging infrastructure that is designed to help them. The best part about cloud PACS systems is that you can read medical images, anytime, anywhere, and on any device you want.


Cloud based PACS solutions provide an affordable and convenient data center, which includes radiology software technology, radiology information system, and picture archiving and communication system products. This solution is ideal for those that don’t wish to manage or own their own IT infrastructure. Its key features include the following:

100% Web-Based interface and Diagnostic Viewing

Secure Up-Time

No management of IT infrastructure

Limited Capital cost outlay

Integrate with existing systems

Create quality reports

Complete interpretations

View and share images virtually anywhere

Secure cloud storage

Auto-populate measurement data


Apart from the fact that our cloud PACS systems will offer you with high quality web-based medical imaging, medical practitioners will also gain clinically proven results. The major benefits of a cloud PACS system are:

View your images anywhere, anytime

Simplicity of design

Powerful features

Cross platform compatibility

Automatically forward based on rules to multiple locations

Measured service

Rapid elasticity

Resource pooling

Broad network access

On-demand self service

With so many useful features and amazing benefits on offer, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that over 80% of all healthcare IT executives today, have already decided to shift to cloud services. This way they are able to decrease cost of ownership and are able to take advantage of cloud PACS systems, without incurring any hardware or IT support costs.

Studycast delivers cost effective, powerful solutions – out of the box.

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