Connectivity/EMR Integration

Studycast® is known for flexibility and ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions that are easy to implement and use. Whether you have a very old ultrasound machine or the latest machine to hit the market, a single nuclear camera or an angio suite, getting set up and transferring both images and measurement data from modality to Studycast® is easy and efficient.

Additionally, once your exam is viewed in Studycast® and the report is complete, Studycast® sends the final results to your electronic medical records (EMR), using one of several routing options.

Studycast® Integration includes routing the final results via SFTP to a shared folder on your network. Some EMRs will query these results and route them to the patient’s chart automatically, or you can manually move the report.

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Additionally, Studycast® CoreHL7 is a comprehensive results interface that can send as much information as your EMR will support. This includes:

  • Text based results
  • PDF report
  • Discrete data elements
  • Link to study images
  • Study images

Studycast® customers can actively interface with any EMR partner vendor listed below within approximately one week of implementation. If you don’t see your vendor on this list, call today to find out how we can establish such a relationship.

Studycast® interfaces with many EMR vendors, including, but not limited to:

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