Yes. Core Sound Imaging, Inc.’s products that involve the transmission of data throughout the Studycast® process use industry standard SSL-encryption, to ensure your data is transmitted safely. This meets HIPAA requirements for the transmission of EPHI. Additionally, your data is stored at our data center on a fully-redundant private network that ensures the security, integrity and availability of our customers’ patient information. This network infrastructure provides customers with reliable connectivity and fast performance, which includes disaster recovery and backups. Our data center is optimized for the highest quality IP delivery. High capacity and abundant peering prevent congestion and ensure outstanding accessibility, response time and reliability. Our data center is built on Cisco hardware, engineered to maximize we performance. Because we follow all HIPAA guidelines throughout the Studycast® process, using our service helps your organization be HIPAA compliant.

Our products are all registered with the FDA. Additionally we follow all FDA guidelines as outlined in 21 CFR Part 820-Quality System Regulation.

Studycast® supports the industry standard DICOM 3.0 communications protocol. Data will populate on CoreWeb worksheets from systems that support DICOM Structured Reporting export, or using MScan for character recognition on measurement screen pages. Additionally, we support acquiring images and study data in multimedia format from the following ultrasound machines: BioSound MyLabDesk, Sonosite Micromaxx, Siemens/Acuson Cypress. If you have questions about whether or not your ultrasound machine will work with Studycast®, please contact us.

Once CoreConnect transmits the studies to CoreWeb, an authorized physician can log on to CoreWeb and view all study images and use our custom-designed templates to complete his/her interpretation of the study. Because our templates have been designed with 30-years or industry expertise, they are easy to use and give the physician the control he/she needs to personalize the report as well.

Referring physicians will automatically receive a copy of a finished report via email or fax, as soon as the reading physician completes the report. Authorized referring physicians can also log on to CoreWeb at any time to view a report.

While viewing the current study, simply click on the patient’s list of previous studies and select the desired study. The earlier study will open in a new window and you can view them side by side.

Per HIPAA regulations, you have online access to your studies for 7 years, or, in the case of pediatric patients, until the patient is 18 years of age.
HIPAA requires that we “establish and implement procedures to create and maintain retrievable exact copies of EPHI.” How do you help us meet this requirement?

Core Sound Imaging, Inc.’s internal procedures ensure that we maintain 4 copies of all data and that one copy is more than 180 miles from our primary storage location. This exceeds HIPAA requirements.

No, all Studycast® fees included an unlimited number of users to CoreWeb. Each user must, however, register and and agree to follow our HIPAA compliance procedures.

We offer technical support between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm M-F, eastern time. After hours support is available for emergencies. Regular after hours support is available for an additional fee for those facilities that require 24/7 support.

Studycast® automates the credentialing process and assists with correlation. According to ICAEL, ICAVL, AIUM regulations an accredited lab must document the volume of studies that are performed and/or interpreted by physicians and sonographers. Additionally, the lab must have uniform report formats and must be able to report the type of exam and the appropriateness of the exam. The lab must archive data and provide the accrediting body with reports that detail all of the above. Studycast® is designed with these accreditation standards in mind.