Trying to replace your thermal printer and move your images into your EMR? CoreArchive provides you with the high quality, immediate, anywhere-access image viewer you’re accustomed to with Studycast®.

With secure cloud image storage and EMR file transfer capabilities, our medical imaging software for storage and sharing solutions are designed for:

  • Secure cloud image storage
  • Remote viewing
  • Medical image archiving
  • Sharing images securely with both patients and colleagues

CoreArchive makes it easy for you to acquire, view and link to your medical images from your EMR. Learn how you can set up quickly and start using your own CoreArchive account today.

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Get your medical images in your EMR!

How do you quickly and easily ‘get your medical images into your EMR’?  With CoreArchive, it’s easy.

Acquire your images using DICOM store from your machine to access images from the patient’s chart. Adjust brightness, contrast, pan, zoom, and more to enhance the functionality of your medical imaging.

Additionally, share images with your patients or colleagues on their smartphone, tablet or PC. Studycast® supports an unlimited number of users from an unlimited number of computers, allowing top-tier medical imaging storage for all parties.

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