Image Viewing and reporting for people who hold your heart in their hands!!

Cardiologists have completed a minimum of 10 years of education and treat one of the most complicated organs in the body. Accordingly, the creators of Studycast designed an interpretation tool that meets the same level of intellect and attention to detail.

Studycast is the smartest approach to image storage and reporting. By putting your PACS in the cloud, Studycast allows you to access your images with as much ease and confidence as you do your bank account.

Data in – so no one has to re-enter measurements.

Using the calculation package on your ultrasound machines, measurements will automatically populate in the interpretation tool. It will work with old and new equipment as well as proprietary data. No matter the source, Studycast saves you time and hassle.

Finally, a workflow that is less work and more flow!

Data out – so your results can route into your EMR

Send customizable reports to a variety of destinations either manually or by integrating Studycast’s CoreHL7 interface. All by way of encapsulated PDF and or text based reports, securely and discretely.

Really, why would anyone want to print and scan in 2017?


We know you’re busy, that’s why Studycast will notify you automatically when your exams are ready. Let us help to optimize your time!
And finally, because we know you’re busy, we won’t waste your time by making you navigate through a complex process if you have questions.
To get in touch someone who knows how to solve your problem, just call us at 919.277.0636 and press 3 to talk to a live person!

Your current image storage and reporting solution (PACS) is outdated and does not meet your needs. Now what?

Evaluating vendors can be exhausting. A lot of vendors make general claims like “We are the best!” and “We will make your life better!” But which solution is actually best, and how do you determine that?

So, we’ve created a checklist of things to ask about yourself before you purchase a PACS system to identify a solution that meets your needs…