Offering a second opinion service has never been so easy! With Studycast®:


Providers can upload images in moments (even de-identified!).

(No Software Required)


Physicians can be notified via email or text a study is ready for review.


Physicians can share images with their patients.

Call or request an online demo today to learn more about using Studycast® for Second Opinion Services!

Streamline your second opinion services with Studycast®.

Many institutions often require patients or medical professionals to mail medical images on external media. Studycast® streamlines the entire process. Facilities can provide patients and professionals a web portal to upload exams to the facility’s Studycast® account.

Setting up a second opinion portal for your facility is fast and easy. Neurology, cardiology and other specialties can benefit from this easy-to-use Studycast® Direct functionality.

All exams uploaded to your facility’s second opinion portal are kept separate from your clinical operations exams. Reports that provide insight into your second opinion operations are included and will help you build this business by providing statistics you can share with prospects about your turnaround time and other efficiencies.

Call or request an online demo today to learn more about using Studycast® for second opinion services!

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