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For Administrators

Web Based PACS for Administrators

A summary of all the previous day’s events would be a great thing for an administrator, especially if it all came in a single email each morning. That little dream becomes a reality with Studycast imaging solutions.

Studycast web based PACS lets you know which studies have been read, which are waiting on doctor approval, how many of each type were performed, and the current status of all studies and reports. All of this happens automatically, and that means a more efficient and more profitable practice. Want to learn more? Call us for a demo today.

Studycast PACS Gives You:

  • One easy-to-use portal for all of your workflow management
  • The ability to query data for ICAEL/ICAVL accreditation
  • Automatic daily study status reports
  • Elimination of capital expenditures and reduced need for IT salaries
  • Fast implementation, including physician training
  • Powerful and secure IT infrastructure
  • Support. When you have questions, Studycast support is ready. Just call 919.277.0636 x3.

Learn more about how Studycast web-based PACS and imaging solutions can help reduce medical costs and improve workflow.

Web PACS Demo