Mobile diagnostics is a growing trend within the healthcare industry because of its portability and potential to reach a large number of patients. Mobile health units are revolutionizing the way healthcare is provided to developing countries.

Since mobile diagnostic solutions are web-based, their geographical reach is almost limitless. All a technologist needs is a mobile ultrasound device and internet access. Even the most rural and remote communities in the U.S. have these basic requirements and an increasing number of developing countries have this as well. In fact, recent medical mission trips using Studycast mobile diagnostic technology were done in remote areas of India and Rwanda.

With this increased reach to rural healthcare facilities also comes the opportunity for more technologists and staff to be employed at these sites. Technician jobs no longer have to be based solely in a large city or large hospital. Even the smallest doctors’ offices can have a trained technologist on staff who can take the image and share it with a radiologist or specialist somewhere else.

Mobile Medical Imaging Solution

Studycast is a straightforward mobile medical imaging solution that is efficient, productive. The two main components of Studycast include: CoreConnect™ and CoreWeb™.

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