In the March 2013 issue of the Journal for the American Society of Echocardiography (JASE), a glowing editorial comment from Dr. Randy Martin regarding Studycast’s participation in the ASE-REWARD study was published.

“Advances in Web-based transmission of images allowed Singh et al.1 to upload diagnostic ultrasound images securely (with no violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and seamlessly (through commercially available software provided by Core Sound Imaging, Inc., Raleigh, NC, and GE Healthcare) to a cloud-based Web Server (Studycast; Core Sound Imaging, Inc.),” writes Dr. Martin. “These images were then transmitted via the internet for remote interpretation by 75 experienced echocardiographers. Not only did this occur seamlessly, but remarkably, the median time for interpretation—with the interpreting physicians distributed throughout the world—was 11 hours 44 min. This time is as fast as achieved in some echocardiography labs located in the United States.”

Also noted in Dr. Martin’s editorial: “Nothing about this project centered on institutional or corporate searching for notoriety or recognition, and none of the individuals who gave their time and energy were seeking personal or public gain. This project shows that the proper use of technology, coupled with a desire to bring care to those in need, can do exactly that. The many individuals involved, the American Society of Echocardiography, and the corporate partners are to be lauded for their cooperative and giving spirit.”

Download the full article: “Remote Echocardiography with Web-Based Assessments for Referrals at a Distance (ASE-REWARD) Study”.pdf

Download the full editorial comment: “The New Black Bag, Arrowsmith, and Giving”.pdf

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