Ultrasound management software that is stored in the cloud has become an industry standard for hospitals and health care offices because it offers a host of benefits for your clinical practice as well as improves patient acquisition and retention. Why? Here are some of the top reasons:

1. Managing ultrasound images in the cloud improves patient experience.

With mobile ultrasound technology, patients experience faster turnaround time on their study results. This also improves patient return rate.
Doctor Showing iPad with Ultrasound Management Software Studycast

2. Cloud software helps make the most of your time as a physician.

Managing studies in the cloud means that as a physician, you can run reports and review images from any hospital, enhancing your flexibility and availability. It also means you can review any patient scan and collaborate with other professionals at conferences.

3. Stay connected to your hospital or clinic virtually anywhere with internet access.

Cloud-based ultrasound management software aslo functions as a secure, web PACS, so you can view all examinations performed at your clinic, within moments of the appointment, anywhere and on any internet connection. It is even accessible on your smartphone, laptop, and iPad.

Ultrasound Management Software

Studycast is a cloud-based ultrasound management solution that is efficient, and productive. The two main components of Studycast include: CoreConnect™ and CoreWeb™.

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