The benefits of web-based PACS are far reaching. Not only does it provide administration with an easy to use and access tool for managing data and reports, it also improves the workflow for physicians by giving them faster and easier access to their ultrasound images and worksheets.

View Ultrasound Images Online Instantly

Some “web-delivery” methods offer to let you download images overnight or while you wait. There’s no waiting to view ultrasound images with Studycast’s CoreWeb.

CoreWeb™ is the web-based PACS component of Studycast™ and the centerpiece of the Studycast process. Authorized Studycast users can log into CoreWeb and instantly view ultrasound images online.

Studycast mobile ultrasound for women’s health will save your practice money and time while increasing study accuracy. Ultrasound images and measurement data are accessible anywhere you have internet access. You can create complete, professional reports that include study images with just a few clicks, and you can even share images with your patients on an iPad.

Web Based PACS Ultrasound Imaging Solution

Studycast® is the leader in SaaS diagnostic testing and ultrasound imaging solutions. Studycast® uses the cloud for data storage. It allows physicians access and ultrasound images online 24/7 from virtually anywhere, on any device (even an iPad).

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