Choosing a PACS and reporting solution

How do you know which one is right for your facility?

Every vendor says the same thing – what you really want is what we have to offer.

How do you decide?

Choosing a solution for your imaging workflow can be a complex process. Getting it wrong can cost time and money.  Getting the decision right requires getting the right information from each vendor you’re considering.

That means asking a lot of questions.

  • What modalities and models does the solution work with? What happens if I get new equipment in the future?
  • Does the storage meet regulatory requirements for security and privacy? Who provides the hardware?
  • Can I view images and loops from outside my facility, and if I do, is playback smooth and fast?
  • Are the interpretation tools flexible enough to accommodate my facility’s protocols and preferences?
  • How much of my workflow can the solution automate? Can we eliminate data re-entry?
  • Does the solution generate a high-quality structured report?
  • Can the solution automatically deliver results to my EMR?
  • How easy is it to share studies with colleagues or patients?
  • How long will it take to get the solution up and running?
  • If I need support, can I talk to someone who will actually solve my issue?

Getting these answers is just the beginning.  There are so many more questions to ask.  That’s why we’ve prepared a comprehensive PACS and Reporting Solution Buyer’s Checklist. 


We really do believe the Studycast system is what you’re looking for.  But let us prove it to you.  Download the checklist.  Then, ask us anything.

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