Since 2007, Core Sound Imaging has been working with physicians, sonographers, and technologists to develop real solutions to real clinical challenges.

They talked. We listened. Together, we started a revolution in medical imaging.

We transformed manual data entry into automatic data population. Printing, scanning, and filing into secure cloud storage. Dictation and transcription into an intuitive, streamlined workflow available from any Internet-connected device.

We unchained physicians from the viewing station and put diagnostic-quality images and cine loops in their hands no matter where they are.

We designed for usability, engineered for performance, and built the Studycast system in the cloud for your convenience.

Even better, we made it flexible so you can configure it to meet your specific needs.

Through it all, we’ve been listening. Learning. Leading. Every step of the way.

The result?

A comprehensive, cost effective system that’s smart enough to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of the clinical environment.

Today, the Studycast system helps clinical practices, hospitals, and medical researchers in 49 US states and territories and 7 countries streamline their workflow, secure and archive their imaging data more efficiently, and spend more time with their patients.

Our History


Great Beginnings

Core Sound Imaging, Inc. is founded in Raleigh, North Carolina

The Studycast system revolutionizes the imaging workflow

Years before cloud computing and storage become commonplace, Core Sound Imaging solves the industry-wide challenge of uploading and displaying large medical images and loops quickly and securely.

Medical Clinic of North Texas becomes our first client

They’re still with us.


Quad viewer released

Powerful and responsive, this advanced viewer allows physicians to view even large echo loops from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Study-specific structured reporting worksheets introduced

Physicians can create final reports with fewer clicks. What a time saver!

Workflow automation added

With this enhancement, data from the modality automates the imaging workflow, including study routing.

First hospital client: York General Hospital

With the Studycast system, this rural hospital improves patient care by significantly decreasing turnaround time on imaging results.


CoreMeasure added to the viewer

With this new set of tools, the Studycast viewer measures user-defined distances and areas and performs Doppler calculations.

MScan introduced

This 100% accurate screen scraping tool eliminates manual re-entry of data.


SensiLase Studycast solution launches

Core Sound Imaging partners with Vasamed, Inc. to improve workflow for PAD assessment testing.

MSK ultrasound workflow introduced

The addition of musculoskeletal reporting broadens the Studycast system offering.

Pediatric Echo reporting introduced

Structured reporting, complete with z-scores, increases efficiency in the pediatric cardiology workflow.

Interactive wall motion diagram added

With this interactive diagram, findings are documented and communicated more effectively on Echo reports.


Core Sound Imaging, Inc. attains ISO 13485 certification

Our comprehensive Quality Management System demonstrates our commitment to quality, security, and client satisfaction.

Advanced Admin functions added

Studycast clients now have more powerful and user-friendly options for controlling user access and workflow automation.


First education program client: Oregon Institute of Technology

The Studycast system proves to be just as powerful and cost-effective in education as it is in the clinical environment.

Interactive diagrams added to the vascular workflow

Enter observations to update vascular segments on the diagram, or mark up the diagram and the observations update automatically. Either way, documenting findings is fast and efficient.

Studycast HL7 results interface implemented

Seamless integration enables automatic delivery of study reports to the EMR.

The Studycast system goes international

Cardiology Clinic of Windsor, Canada becomes the Studycast system’s first non-US client.

Breast ultrasound workflow introduced

The Studycast system is broadened once again with the addition of a study-specific worksheet and report for breast exams.

Studycast distribution agreement with GE Healthcare

Through this agreement, Core Sound Imaging lays the groundwork for significant international distribution.


Accreditation reports added

Studycast clients can automatically receive reports to identify cases that meet accreditation submission requirements, eliminating the need to log abnormal cases manually.

The Studycast system helps researchers assess point-of-care echo exams in Spanish study

The study demonstrates that handheld cardiac ultrasound performed by family doctors, combined with remote expert interpretation through a web-based system can offer fast, reliable detection of cardiac abnormalities.

Studycast system used in ASE-REWARD study

Researchers use the Studycast system in a study that demonstrates the feasibility of performing sonographer driven focused echo exams to identify structural heart disease in remote communities in India.


Echo reporting updated

The Studcyast Echo report is updated to integrate current ASE guidelines.

First veterinary client: Atlantic Coast Veterinary Specialists

The Studycast system is expanded to include efficient abdominal ultrasound reporting specific to veterinary clinics.

CoreArchive® Image Storage introduced

This standalone image storage solution provides HIPAA-compliant storage with Studycast-level availability and support.

Annotation functionality added to interactive diagrams

Users can add text and draw freehand on the diagrams for greater flexibility and clarity in documenting findings.


CoreShare Image Sharing added

This innovative feature allows Studycast users to quickly and securely share study images and reports with patients or colleagues who are non-Studycast users.

Compare to patient’s previous exam

With just a click, current findings and conclusions can now be overwritten or appended with findings and conclusions from a previous exam.

The Studycast system joins the Greenway Health Marketplace

The Studycast system’s seamless integration with Greenway EMR/EHR solutions earns it a spot in the Greenway Health Marketplace.


Studycast Advisor introduced

This powerful new feature alerts technologists and physicians when published guidelines indicate an abnormality based on measurements and/or observations.

Carotid worksheet supports client-defined criteria

Clients can use custom criteria to set stenosis values based on measurements, saving technologists time and mouse clicks.

PET and MUGA reporting improved

Nuclear Cardiac reporting now includes more efficient options for PET and MUGA exams in addition to MPI (SPECT).

Arterial reporting enhanced

The interactive diagrams get even better with the ability to draw grafts.

Modality Worklists (MWL) offer streamlined orders integration

The Studycast system provides the ability to receive ORM/ADT messages via an HL7 interface to build a Modality Work List (MWL).

Gynecology reporting enhanced

The worksheet now includes efficient documentation of Sonohysterosalpingography and Sonohysterography exams.


New HTML5 viewer launched

The Studycast system releases the first cloud viewer to support the viewing of medical images from all modalities in a web browser.

Grafts and stents added to vascular interactive diagrams

With this addition, grafts and stents can be documented more clearly and completely in vascular studies.

Fetal Echo worksheet and report added

The comprehensive worksheet includes automatic z-score calculation.


Calculations Panel gets significant upgrade

Users can generate a wide range of post-exam measurements and calculations for cardiac exams right in the viewer – and then auto-save the values to study worksheet.

Annotation tools added to Study Viewer

Techs and physicians can add and save annotations directly on study images.

Optional Verifying Physician added to workflow

This option allows providers to require a second physician to approve each study report before it is finalized.

Security enhancements added

Optional two-factor authentication and automatic deactivation of inactive users are added to the already robust set of security measures.

Advanced image management functions added

Users can combine up to five studies, split one study into two, delete images and more.


Retrospective peer review integrated with daily workflow

New collaboration tools put retrospective peer review at your fingertips – without disrupting the daily clinical workflow.

Multiple DICOM sources

With this update, multiple DICOM sources can automatically populate data in a single study, eliminating the need for manual entry of data from a second device such as a treadmill.

Calculations panel extended to all study types

With this update, users can generate post-exam measurements and calculations in the Viewer and save them directly to the worksheet for all study types.

Veterinary module enhanced

Veterinary workflows have been enhanced with more comprehensive cardiology reporting now being utilized by top US veterinary programs.

Intuitive data comparison tool added

The new Compare tool enables detailed side-by-side comparison of measurements, observations, and findings across multiple exams, with highlighting to flag differences.

Enhanced options for deidentifying studies

Additional deidentification options allow users to remove identifying information from the study data and mask PHI in study images.

Radiology reporting module

New configurable templates enable efficient, consistent documentation of imaging exams from multiple modalities, including x-ray, MRI, CT, and more.

Pelvic Venous worksheet and report added to vascular module

The new study type enables full documentation of pelvic venous congestion (pelvic vein incompetence).

Vascular Intervention module

The new module facilitates detailed documentation of diagnostic and interventional procedures for a complete case record.

Vascular module enhanced

The Vascular module was enhanced to enable comprehensive standards-based waveform documentation, custom labeling of vessels, and new intervention workflows to enter documentation during the procedure.

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