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New Studycast Integration Program Enables AI Analysis For Echo Imaging & Reporting

After 15 years of providing industry-leading imaging and reporting solutions, Core Sound Imaging’s new Studycast Integration Partnerships enable the inclusion of AI-driven measurements and observations for echo reporting in the Studycast system.

Core Sound Imaging Announces Studycast & EchoSolv Integration

Core Sound Imaging and Echo IQ finalize integration agreement for EchoSolv™ and the Studycast® system, through the Studycast Integration Program. This partnership enables Studycast clients to seamlessly integrate AI-powered detection of Aortic Stenosis into their imaging and reporting workflow.

Core Sound Imaging Announces Studycast & Partner Integration

Core Sound Imaging and finalize integration agreement. joins Studycast Integration Program, bringing AI-automated Echocardiography analysis and decision support tools into clients’ imaging and reporting solution. 

Core Sound Imaging’s Studycast Integration Program impacts hospital workflows

Health System in New York City pilots the Studycast Integration Program using’s complete echo AI tools for automating echo measurements. Core Sound Imaging’s Studycast Integration Program has been designed to deliver a frictionless workflow for AI tools.

Step by Step: Getting Started with the Studycast Integration Program

Out-of-box imaging AI integrations for echo studies are now available in the Studycast system, through our new integration program. Through this program, Studycast clients can seamlessly leverage industry-leading imaging AI tools, without any manual integration or installation.

Leverage our built-in integration with your AI vendors of choice all without a lengthy, complicated setup process.

Connect to any of our Integration Partners in minutes, not days.

Acquire your study images as usual. Once they are in the Studycast system, select the images you’d like to route, and which of our partners to send them to. 

Send images to some or all of our Integration Partners. You’ll be notified of the resulting AI analysis data directly in the Studycast worksheet.

Approve some, all, or none of the results–it’s entirely up to you. AI-generated results display their source in the final report, providing you and your colleagues with total transparency.

Growth through connection.

With this program, we are targeting two of the most common barriers to the adoption of AI tools in medical imaging: complex setup and data-sharing.

Integration Partners

Echo IQ logo

Echo IQ – EchoSolv™ AS

EchoSolv™ AS is a sophisticated AI clinical decision support solution for aortic stenosis risk assessment.

EchoSolv AS has been clinically proven in multiple studies to identify 100% of in-guideline severe aortic stenosis patients, offering you unparalleled decision-support in real-time. Directly on screen, EchoSolv AS highlights which patients may benefit most urgently from additional care—including the complex cases of LFLG.

Ultromics logo

Ultromics – EchoGo

Ultromics EchoGo is an AI-based cloud platform for the prediction and detection of heart failure and its phenotypes with a specific focus on HFpEF and Amyloidosis.

CMS recently agreed to reimburse the use of the technology and will pay up to $1023 for a patient in the acute inpatient setting (NTAP) and $284.88 for an outpatient procedure via a HCPCS Level II Code C9786 for AI detection of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction – note this code can only be used by EchoGo and the Ultromics technology and no other vendor. The company will be pursuing a Cat III CPT code and commercial payer coverage for the HF diagnostic report. logo provides AI for the full automation of cardiac ultrasound measurements for diagnosing and managing patients with cardiovascular diseases.

The software covers most adult transthoracic echocardiography measurements recommended by leading professional associations. It also fully automates strain, eliminating the need to purchase upgrades on the machines and reducing human/systems variability. CMS has approved a CPT code, +93356, for Myocardial Strain, as well as HCPCS Level II Code C9786 for AI detection of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.

Downloadable Resources

The document links below can provide you with information that can be easily shared with your team.

If you are interested in using this integration program in your practice, check out the client info sheet below. If you are a vendor who is interested in integrating with the Studycast system, take a look at the vendor info sheet.

Info Sheet for ClientsInfo Sheet for Vendors

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