Core Sound Imaging and finalize integration agreement. joins Studycast Integration Program, bringing AI-automated Echocardiography analysis and decision support tools into clients’ imaging and reporting solution. Us2.aiis an FDA cleared app that reports on heart structure and function, with fully automated analyses of ALL heart chambers using both 2D and Doppler views, rendering a comprehensive echo report in under two minutes, with zero clicks and zero variability. results are fully explainable, not a “black box”. Where end users can easily interact with annotations and outcomes – building trust and confidence in the platform 


RALEIGH, NC (June 15, 2023) – Core Sound Imaging, Inc., creators of the Studycast® system, and, developers of AI Echocardiography software, entered into an agreement today, enabling access to a powerful AI-Echocardiography analysis and reporting software within the Studycast system. Studycast clients will now be able to easily route selected echo study images to, producing a full echo report and incorporate the resulting analysis into their reports. 

“AI has the ability to superpower the echocardiographer, and when seamlessly integrated into the structured reporting workflow the potential can be fully realized. This strategic alliance combines the expertise, innovation, and resources of both companies, setting the stage for groundbreaking solutions and enhanced efficiency,” said Seth Koeppel, Head of Business Development for, about the signed agreement. The integration will be demonstrated live at the 34th annual ASE conference, held this month in National Harbor, MD. 

The Studycast Integration Program, announced earlier this month, is creating a frictionless medical imaging workflow that provides integration AI vendors as well as other imaging analysis tools, that can be enabled from with Studycast. This new development moves medical imaging to the same arena as other technology solutions, rather than operating in a siloed purchasing environment. “We anticipate that our clients will be thrilled with the ease at which they can integrate’s analysis in their Studycast worksheets and reports,” said Laurie Smith, COO and founding partner at Core Sound Imaging. “AI-driven analysis for medical imaging is in high demand, and providing turnkey access to a tool like this, with such a robust suite of capabilities, is going to have a huge impact.”   


About Core Sound Imaging, Inc.  Since 2007, Core Sound Imaging has provided leading-edge solutions for the medical imaging workflow, including image storage, a zero-footprint viewer, and a robust suite of interpretation and structured reporting tools. The company’s flagship solution, the Studycast system, is currently used by hospitals, private practices, clinical research labs, and education programs in 49 US states and territories and 7 countries. 

About uses machine learning to automate the fight against heart disease. The company’s software tools improve clinical decision making and cardiovascular research for clinical trials using echocardiography, the safest and most common cardiac imaging modality. connects institutions and imaging labs around the world on a platform of ready to use automation tools for view classification, segmentation and federated learning across diverse, anonymous patient and disease cohorts. is a fast-growing startup backed by Sequoia India and EDBI. More information on website 


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