Finding a comprehensive solution that fits into your big picture isn’t easy. That’s why we designed the Studycast system to be flexible, scalable, and vendor neutral.

For more than a decade, the Studycast system has been improving hospitals’ imaging workflow. From small rural hospitals to large, multi-site medical centers, the Studycast system scales to meet your needs.

Dreading months of work to implement a new solution? Rest easy. Whether you’re implementing for a single department or enterprise-wide, you can be up and running with the Studycast system in just a few of weeks with minimum impact on your IT department.

Within the Hospital

The Studycast system removes barriers for seamless access to imaging wherever you need it, whenever you need it.


Specialists can view images as they’re acquired, even from another floor, even from point-of-care imaging.


At bedside, a physician and patient can view the patient’s imaging together, and the physician can even share the images with the patient quickly and securely.

All Modalities

Upload and view images from all modalities in a single intuitive interface.


In the OR, surgeons can view the patient’s prior imaging on a tablet.

En Route

Imaging performed en route to the hospital can be viewed before the patient arrives for faster triage and more effective care.


An order placed at intake is automatically routed to the imaging modality, eliminating manual data entry for the technologist.


The Studycast system is vendor neutral and works with all imaging and diagnostic modalities. Plus, orders and results interfaces offer seamless integration with existing systems. The Studycast system can:

  • Receive orders and create Modality Worklists (MWLs), saving technologist time and reducing data entry errors
  • Automatically send results to your EMR/EHR

All Imaging on One Platform

Imagine being able to view, document, and share all imaging studies in a single, user-friendly system.

  • MRI, CT, US, SPECT/PET, Tomo, Digital x-ray, angiography, mammography (See Clinical Specialties for more information)
  • All DICOM imaging and diagnostic testing results (non-imaged) in one place
  • DICOM routing and forwarding of images

Unlimited Access, Unlimited Support

With the Studycast system there are no limits and no hidden costs. Get unlimited access, unlimited users, and unlimited support.

  • Need to add users? No additional site licenses, no additional cost, no problem
  • Add imaging equipment at any time for no additional cost
  • Get all the support you need with unlimited live support calls

Decreased IT Burden

Many PACS create additional burdens for a hospital’s IT department. But this is different. From day one of your implementation through years of ongoing support, the Studycast system decreases the IT burden for your team.

  • The Studycast system meets or exceeds HIPAA, PIPEDA, and other regulatory and privacy requirements
  • Get data security and access from anywhere with no VPNs to maintain
  • Our in-house development team releases software updates and new functionality monthly. These updates are delivered seamlessly, so there’s no downtime and no extra expense.
  • Our zero-footprint viewer can be accessed from your favorite browser, so there’s no software to install or maintain for users.
  • Studies are automatically archived in an enterprise-class tier III+ data center, so there’s no data storage burden.

Administrative Reports and Data

The Studycast system automatically provides a range of standard and customized reports.

  • Daily status reports to show account activity and study status
  • Monthly administrative reports for deeper insights into your imaging workflow
  • Accreditation reports that automatically identify studies for accreditation or recertification submission

Connecting Hospital Networks

Because it’s cloud based, the Studycast system easily connects facilities across the street, across town, or across the globe.

Specialty Hospital

The Studycast system takes the imaging order and generates a Modality Worklist that goes right to the imaging equipment. Specialty hospitals can then view and report on a wide range of studies, including pediatric and fetal echo. Studies can be shared with subspecialty providers quickly and securely.

Community Hospital

After the tech performs the exam, images and data automatically upload and can be viewed from anywhere. With the Studycast system, even remote community hospitals can have interpretation results from clinical experts on the same day.

Interpreting Physicians

Interpreting physicians across town or across the globe can view study images and loops immediately and document their findings quickly, which improves patient care for the hospital network.

Referring Clinic

Results can be sent to the referring physician and delivered to the EMR/EHR automatically, so physicians throughout the network receive consistent high-quality reporting.

Physician’s Office

The hospital system’s physicians can access the Studycast system from their offices – or even their homes. Because all imaging modalities are supported, physicians across multiple specialties can use the same cost-effective solution.

Second Opinion Services

Building a robust second opinion service requires a flexible and far-reaching infrastructure – exactly what the Studycast system provides.

Patients and physicians can securely upload exams directly to your Studycast account from anywhere with an Internet connection. The system can automatically notify your physicians that these exams have been uploaded for a second opinion.

Already have a PACS you want to keep using? No problem. You can easily transfer the studies from the Studycast system to the PACS to maintain your current interpretation workflow.

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