The Studycast system combines the power of a clinical PACS with the flexibility needed for research and Imaging Core Labs (ICLs).

Whether you’re gathering imaging data from across the country or across the globe, the Studycast system provides a powerful, adaptable framework for collecting, transmitting, and storing your imaging research data.


  • Receive images and exam data from any modality anywhere in the world
  • Remote facilities can upload images and exam data with no software installation required
  • Core lab can be notified when exams are submitted, providing for immediate verification that protocols were followed
  • View diagnostic-quality images and document interpretation from any Internet-connected device
  • Securely share images with colleagues worldwide
  • Complete audit trails
  • Secure, redundant backup of images and data


  • Data can be automatically de-identified and anonymized when uploaded
  • Reporting tools and custom templates can be tailored to the research project
  • Designated measurement fields can be required to ensure data collection is complete
  • Store images and data in the cloud for as long as you need them
  • Download all data for analysis


Costs are scaled to the number of imaging studies included in the project, making the Studycast system a smart choice for any size research project.


The Studycast system is currently utilized by research institutions for their core labs and by medical device manufacturers to evaluate their equipment.

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