More than a PACS, the Studycast system is a comprehensive imaging workflow solution.

As a true cloud solution, it allows you to work from anywhere, anytime.

Streamlined and intuitive, the Studycast system provides a single workflow from exam to archive. Add on the optional integration interfaces, and the system goes full circle from order to results.

Orders can be sent directly to the imaging equipment with the optional orders interface add-on.

Study images and data acquired by the modality are transmitted securely to the Studycast cloud.

The data populates a study-type-specific worksheet.

The technologist enters notes and observations and marks the study ready for the physician’s review. The Studycast system automatically notifies the reading physician when studies are ready.

The physician logs in from any Internet-connected device to review the images and cine loops, generate a structured report, and approve the study.

With one click, the physician’s digital signature is added to the final report, and the referring physician is notified. Study images and reports can be shared with patients and colleagues through a secure portal.

Results can be automatically delivered to the EMR with the optional results interface add-on.


Upload studies without lifting a finger. Study images, measurements, and patient demographics move from the modality into the Studycast system automatically.

Or you can manually upload a study from anywhere at anytime.


The zero-footprint viewer is powerful and fast, so you can view diagnostic-quality images and loops from anywhere with an Internet connection – even on a smart phone.

  • Synced quad viewing
  • Smooth playback and responsive controls even with large echo loops
  • Robust controls for playback, zoom, brightness/contrast, and measurement
  • Take post-exam measurements, generate calculations, and auto-save to the worksheet
  • Quickly save frames from any loop and add them to the final report


With more than 60 study-specific worksheets, you can document observations and findings quickly and efficiently.

  • Measurements from the modality automatically populate the worksheet
  • Convenient dropdown options for observations
  • Ratios, percentiles, and other key values are automatically calculated
  • Interactive diagrams can be annotated and added to the final report
  • Generate findings and conclusions based on measurements and observations with just a click – or write your own
  • Quickly create and save your own reusable lists of comments, findings, and conclusions statements
  • Pull in findings and conclusions from prior exams with a couple of clicks
  • On some worksheets, Studycast AdvisorTM offers recommendations based on published guidelines


Get consistent high-quality reports with fewer clicks.

Findings and conclusions automatically transfer from the worksheet.

Include images, diagrams, and charts. Or not. You decide.

Generate the report and add a true digital signature with one click.

Reports are configurable to align with your facility’s needs.


Referring physicians can log into the Studycast system to view images and reports from anywhere.

Send other colleagues and patients a secure link to view images and reports with just a few clicks.


Your studies are stored automatically in a secure data center for as long as you need.

  • State-of-the-art encryption
  • Data replicated in two geographically disparate enterprise class Tier III+ data centers
  • Exceeds HIPAA and PIPEDA standards for privacy and data security
  • Access your studies anytime from any device with an Internet connection

Our specialized implementation team will guide you through every step. We’ll start by learning about your facility’s workflow so we can configure the system to meet your needs and save you time.

Best of all, we can have you set up, trained, and working in the Studycast system in just a couple of weeks.

Outstanding Training and Support

Get help when you need it, how you need it. No additional cost.

Unlimited live training anytime to

  • Get you started
  • Train new staff
  • Learn about new features and functionality
  • Optimize your workflow

Unlimited support by phone, email, and live online session

  • Pick up the phone and talk to a real person who can offer real help: M-F, 9am-8pm ET
  • Knowledgeable support staff solves most problems in minutes, not days
  • A support team member is part of your implementation team from day one, so they know you, know your equipment, and know your needs

96% support issues resolved in less than one day

81% of support requests resolved within one hour

95% system configuration change requests completed within three days

95% all-time client retention

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