After 15 years of providing industry-leading imaging and reporting solutions, Core Sound Imaging’s new Studycast Integration Partnerships enable the inclusion of AI-driven measurements and observations for echo reporting in the Studycast system. 


RALEIGH, NC Core Sound Imaging, Inc., creators of the Studycast® system and other industry-leading cloud-based software solutions for medical imaging and reporting, announced today the introduction of the Studycast Integration Program. This integration will enable medical facilities to send imaging exams to any (or all) of the participating vendors and receive medical images and data back from the vendor, resulting in a seamless workflow improvement for all Studycast clients.  

Notably, this exchange will allow clients to send images to AI vendors for analysis, and then receive and incorporate the resulting measurements and analysis data directly into the Studycast system. This new integration comes on the heels of a rising interest in AI for the medical imaging space. Core Sound Imaging is positioned to meet this demand for Studycast clients, and the market at large. 

Several vendors are in the final stages of partner agreements. Further announcements will follow as the agreements are finalized.  

“We are excited about the significant impact this new Studycast Integration Program will have on our clients’ ability to deliver the highest quality of care,” said Laurie Smith, COO and founding partner at Core Sound Imaging. “Let’s take an AI vendor who has a tool to calculate strain values based on the images acquired. Within hours, a clinic can be set up to utilize this vendor’s analysis tool. The clinic may benefit because their technologists have not yet been trained to acquire strain values, or perhaps they have not added this functionality to their imaging machine yet. It’s easy to see how this tool for early heart disease detection can ultimately improve patient care.” 

Studies sent to multiple vendors will receive values grouped by source. The system then allows clients to select and apply their chosen values from the data provided, even pulling values from multiple vendor sources, if desired.  

“The flexibility to use these tools without the complexities of manual setup will make the exploration of AI in medical imaging so much more accessible to our clinical users as well as research and education facilities. We can’t wait to bring this to our client base.” said Alyssa Letteri, Product Manager. 

Core Sound Imaging will be providing an early preview of the integration in their booth at the 2023 ASE meeting this month, with the public release to follow. Interested parties can learn more about the Studycast Integration Program in the coming weeks at: 



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Since 2007, Core Sound Imaging has provided leading-edge solutions for the medical imaging workflow, including image storage, a zero-footprint viewer, and a robust suite of interpretation and structured reporting tools. The company’s flagship solution, the Studycast system, is currently used by hospitals, private practices, clinical research labs, and education programs in 49 US states and territories and 7 countries. 


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