Health System in New York City pilots the Studycast Integration Program using’s complete echo AI tools for automating echo measurements. Core Sound Imaging’s Studycast Integration Program has been designed to deliver a frictionless workflow for AI tools.


RALEIGH, NC (June 28, 2023) – Core Sound Imaging, Inc., creators of the Studycast® system and ( are pleased to announce that the Mount Sinai Health System will pilot the Studycast Integration Program. Through this program, Mount Sinai will continue using the Studycast system for echocardiogram viewing and reporting, but will now benefit from the automated integration of for analysis. Directly within the Studycast interface, the analysis data will be presented to the Studycast user and can be reviewed and applied selectively, or in its entirety, to the Studycast worksheet and report. This integration is vendor-neutral and ready out-of-the-box, offering a distinctive solution for those seeking to incorporate AI into their clinical workflow.

“We have been using the Studycast system to document echocardiograms for more than a decade. This new ability to turn on an integration with and evaluate how AI can impact our echo workflow is significant,” said Dr. Jeff Bander, Chief of Cardiology at Mount Sinai West.

The Studycast Integration Program, first announced in May of this year, enables users to exchange medical images and data with vendors and include AI-generated data in Studycast worksheets and reports. This new development aims to bring the powerful measurement and analysis capabilities of today’s AI offerings to Studycast clients in an efficient and accessible workflow.

“We are excited to bring this pilot program to New York where hospitals can benefit from these additional tools to evaluate AI offerings and their workflow impacts,” said Alyssa Letteri, Product Manager at Core Sound Imaging.

The Studycast Integration Program, which was previewed at the ASE meeting in National Harbor this past weekend, will be publicly released on July 8. Nearly one dozen other hospitals and clinics have already enrolled and will benefit from this new frictionless workflow. For more information about the Studycast Integration Program, visit:


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Since 2007, Core Sound Imaging has provided leading-edge solutions for the medical imaging workflow, including image storage, a zero-footprint viewer, and a robust suite of interpretation and structured reporting tools. The company’s flagship solution, the Studycast system, is currently used by hospitals, private practices, clinical research labs, and education programs in 49 US states and territories and 7 countries. 

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