The time for reducing exposure is now

Shorten exam time and interpret remotely with the Studycast system

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COVID-19 has brought the need to modify how healthcare professionals interact with patients.

Reduce the time patient and sonographer are interacting while imaging.

Your technologist can acquire the images, let the patient leave, and then take measurements in the Studycast viewer, thereby shortening the exam time and reducing exposure for both the technologist and patient.

Your physicians can read and finalize the studies from anywhere, even from home.

Approved results can be delivered automatically to the referring physician and to the patient’s jacket in your EMR.

The Studycast system is easy to use and easy to deploy.

Our straightforward onboarding process gets you set up in days, not months.

Go from imaging to finalized report in minutes.

Powerful, flexible, and fast – generate quality reports quickly

Post-exam measurements reduce patient and staff exposure times

Perform interpretation from anywhere right in your browser

Share images securely with the patient on their smartphone



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