Cloud PACS allow high quality medical images to be delivered fast and appear in the web browser as soon as they’re downloaded.

There are typically three different cloud PACS solution scenarios: public, private, and hybrid. Each has its advantages, but privacy issues often dictate which type is most suitable for a specific industry, and how quickly an industry adopts the technology.

1. Public

In the public cloud scenario, an organization migrates its existing IT structure to a public cloud shared with other organizations.

2. Private

Organizations with more sensitive information will build their own private cloud.

3. Hybrid

The hybrid model combines private and public cloud platforms. Usually this means that 75% of data is considered sensitive and is migrated to the private cloud, and the remaining 25% is sent to the public cloud.


Web-based PACS

Web-based PACS (aka cloud PACS) integrates diagnostic viewing with medical images addressing healthcare facilities’ and physicians’ need to make diagnoses at any time from any location.

A widely popular model for the healthcare industry is SaaS. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a pay-per-use model, meaning healthcare organizations of any size pay only how much and when they use the software. SaaS lowers the otherwise high cost of software license fees.


Medical Imaging Software

Studycast cloud PACS allows physicians to transmit and view medical images anywhere with internet access. It is a SaaS model and HIPAA compliant, making all patient data safe and secure in the cloud.

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