Gone are the days when hospitals keep key endocrinology records filed in a drawer. Technology puts worlds of information in the palm of our hands. Endocrinology reporting software makes critical data securely and instantly accessible with any Internet connection. Its improved speed of reporting saves doctors and administrators time, ultimately improving the treatment of patients and saving lives. But not all endocrinology EHR systems are created equal.

Here are 5 traits of a great endocrinology data reporting system.

1. Fast
One of the most critical traits of a quality reporting system is speed. Data needs to interpreted instantly and reports created quickly to improve the quality of diagnosis and the effectiveness of treatment. Worksheets and reports need to be completed automatically with minimal effort on the part of the clinician, and sent instantly to the channels that need them. Speeding up the flow of data reporting with by allowing you to interpret medical studies online ultimately improves the care of the patient.

2. Simple
The science of endocrinology is complicated enough. The last thing you need is a complicated endocrinology EHR. User friendliness is a critical feature of quality reporting software. Being simple to use helps physicians make fewer mistakes and be better able to concentrate on the core treatment of the patient. SmartWorksheets, for example, can complete an average exam in about two clicks in less than five minutes.

3. Backed Up and Fortified
Your data is only as safe as the server you store it on. Or better yet, on the several servers you store it on spread across multiple diverse regions. A quality endocrinology reporting system uses multiple data points for storage, spread out in diverse areas just in case of the worse. Even Amazon and Netflix have been known to have their outages. By backing your data at multiple locations across the country, your data will remain securely accessible, even in the middle of the next mega hurricane. And it needs to be secure, fortified by the strongest firewalls in the industry.

4. Accessible
Electronic records free your data from the file drawer. It needs to be securely accessible with any Internet connection, whether from your iPad between patient visits or from a smartphone on the golf course. It needs to be accessible from multiple platforms, whether Apple or Android or the next latest technological wonder. Universal accessibility dramatically frees what you can do with your data.

5. Seamless Integration
If you’ve already got an electronic records system, there is no need to reinvent the wheel just to install endocrinology reporting software. A quality system will seamlessly integrate with what you’re already using. Studycast automatically fits into any existing system, saving you time and expense with a more comprehensive solution for your endocrinology data needs.

Studycast Endocrinology Reporting Software

Studycast® is the leader in SaaS diagnostic testing and endocrinology reporting solutions. Studycast® uses the cloud for data storage and integrates with EMR systems. It allows physicians access to their studies online 24/7 from virtually anywhere, on any device (even an iPad).

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