Cardiologists are using new management software programs for echocardiograms. Echocardiograms are more detailed than X-ray and use sound waves rather than radiation to create pictures of the heart. Using a management software for this procedure has several benefits that help save doctors time and allows them to work efficiently.

These management software programs are automated interpretive reporting software that are designed for optimizing usage of resources for Transthoracic, TEE, Stress Echos, and Dobutamine Echos. Management software has been implemented in echocardiogram practices to help eliminate unnecessary follow-up testing and better management of echocardiogram procedures.

Configurable rules in this software system, allow doctors to use their own style when writing reports. The reports are then automatically generated through the software from the measurement and images taken during the procedure. With accessibility to connect to any ultrasound system that has DICOM Reporting, this software allows for flexibility and ease when transferring data and measurements.

Although these management software systems aren’t required, they are highly recommended to help doctors work quicker and more efficiently, and to allow flexibility when sharing patient images and results. Common features of this software are real-time decision support tools, and radiology benefit managers (RBMs). With this software being compatible for a laptops or tablets, doctors are able to operate with mobility. With multiple sites available, doctors and sonographers can connect at the same time.

With software using a PACS, previous results are available to doctors and patients immediately. Doctors save time with computer generated reports, eliminating handwritten reports. Reports are instantly available on any device with an internet connection. The web-based storage systems are not only more efficient for medical providers, but cheaper than traditional technology and storage systems. The long term storage offered by PACS help from having to store images and measurements on the computer hard drives. They are easily findable and accessible.

Studycast® cloud PACS can integrate with your EHR / EMR system. It creates complete, professional reports that include study images with just a few clicks, and those images can be shared with patients on any mobile device, including an iPad.

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