According to a study by IMV Medical Information Division, 80% of U.S. hospitals with cath labs have implemented and are actively using some form of a Cardiology PACS system.

Cardiology PACS, sometimes referred to as CPACS, is an integrated system that allows hospitals the ability to access cath lab and echo images. Studycast Cardiology PACS in particular, are web-based which means it allows hospitals to access these labs and images remotely from any device with internet access.

Why is Web-based Important?

Web-based (aka mobile) medical technology increases the reach for rural community hospitals to provide care. Technicians no longer have to be based solely in a large city or large hospital. Nor do small hospitals need to have full-time cardiologists on-site. The trained technologist on staff can take the image and share it with a reading cardiologist somewhere else. This means more small communities across the U.S. can have access to important heart disease screenings.

PACS Reporting

But it is not just access to images that is important, cardiac and echocardiography images that are paired with structured reporting create an ideal integrated Cardiology PACS system for hospitals because it streamlines the workflow for all of the cardiologists and administrators in the hospital. This ensures faster and more efficient patient care.

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