Instead of writing down notes on paper based upon the results of the patient’s echocardiogram test, echo vascular reporting software allows technologists to simply input the data into an online worksheet and create reports.

Echocardiography reports will have information about the patient, their contact details, information about their family doctor (or the referring physician) and they will have places for the cardiac sonographer to input the information found in the test. Then, instead of a hand written report being faxed or mailed back to the doctor, the echo report can be sent electronically – instantly.

Before you decide on the best echo reporting software to use for your practice, you should make sure it can do the following:

1. It allows you to view study images virtually anywhere AND on mobile devices.
2. It also allows you to manage administrative, QA/QC, and accreditation reports.
3. It properly integrates your data with existing systems.

The last thing you would want in choosing a echo reporting tool is to have something that is not compatible with your system and you find out limits the growth of your practice later down the line.

Echo Reporting Software for Cardiac Practice

Studycast® allows technologists and cardiologists to transmit and view ultrasound images anywhere with internet access. It creates complete, professional echo reports that include study images with just a few clicks, and those images can be shared with patients right in the office, on any device, including an iPad.

Studycast® is scalable, flexible, vendor-neutral, and compatible with all ultrasound equipment manufacturers. It’s a complete IT solution without the headache of managing IT.

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