doctor smiling with other doctors in backgroundMeeting the government’s mandate and electronic medical records (EMR) deadline of January 1, 2014 will not be easy for everyone in the health care industry. It is being said that rural hospitals and small, independent physician practices will have a harder time meeting the new EMR requirements, but this is not necessarily true. Cloud services, like those provided by Studycast, allow rural practices to access and implement powerful ultrasound and diagnostic technology from the internet, without any fancy equipment or high expense.

What Are the Penalties for Missing the Deadline?

For physicians who either have not adopted certified EHR / EMR systems by the EMR deadline in 2015, their Medicare reimbursements will be reduced by 1%. The deduction rate increases in subsequent years by 2% in 2016, 3% in 2017, 4% in 2018, and up to 95% depending on future adjustments.

Aside from losing out on Medicare reimbursements, physicians who do not update their practice with advanced technology risk losing patients. Technology helps streamline the workflow of a practice, which in turn, creates a more pleasant experience for the patient with shorter wait times and more flexibility with access to their records. Patients will, and already have started, to switch doctor’s offices who embrace technology and use it well.

Cloud PACS that Integrate into Your Practice’s EHR / EMR System

Studycast cloud PACS can integrate with your EHR / EMR system. It allows physicians to transmit and view ultrasound images anywhere with internet access. It creates complete, professional reports that include study images with just a few clicks, and those images can be shared with patients on any mobile device, including an iPad.

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