Web-based medical imaging and cloud PACS offer health care facilities a cost effective solution for providing quality care. Below are some suggestions on how to cut costs in your practice using cloud PACS.

Share Ultrasound Images Digitally

Medical imaging done electronically and then stored and shared online in the “cloud” means medical offices can cut costs normally associated with film, CDs, videotapes, packaging and shipping of ultrasound images.

Fire Your IT Guy

Many PACS systems require constant administrative support and maintenance. This can put a strain on already tight medical office budgets. Cloud PACS however, eliminates the need for an expensive in-house IT person because all of the technical maintenance and software support is done by the cloud PACS provider, usually as part of their service package. This means that no matter how many questions you have or if you encounter any technical issues with your PACS system, you have an expert to call at no additional cost.

See More Patients in Less Time

Time is money. And if you can cut the amount of time spent on a patient without sacrificing quality of care, your costs go down and potential for revenue goes up. Cloud PACS help physicians see and treat more patients because rather than waiting 2-10 days to see the results of a diagnostic test, web-based medical imaging allow reading physicians to receive and access the reports immediately on their computer.

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