The medical field is constantly changing. As new developments and discoveries are made, time, productivity, and accuracy improve. For cardiologists, one of the most useful developments in recent years has been web-based echo reporting software. Using the internet to store and share reports helps the attending physician improve workflow and provide better care for his/her patients.

So how do you find the right echo reporting software and vendor for your practice?

Questions to Consider

  • How large is your practice? Is the echo reporting software scalable to fit your current needs and future growth?
  • Does the echo reporting software allow you to safely store echo images online? or do you need to store them locally on your computer?
  • Does it allow you to also manage administrative, QA/QC, and accreditation reports?
  • Does the echo reporting tool allow you to view study images virtually anywhere? and on mobile devices?
  • Most Importantly: Will it integrate your data with existing systems? The last thing you would want in choosing a echo reporting tool is to have something that is not compatible with your systems.

Studycast® for Cardiologists

Studycast® allows cardiologists to transmit and view ultrasound images anywhere with internet access. It creates complete, professional reports that include study images with just a few clicks, and those images can be shared with patients right in the office, on any device, including an iPad.

Studycast® is scalable, flexible, vendor-neutral, and compatible with all ultrasound equipment manufacturers. It’s a complete IT solution without the headache of managing IT.

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