Are you using the latest iPhone while your medical office hasn’t seen a technology upgrade since the 90s? If you want to remain competitive in the marketplace and attract new patients, now is the time to upgrade your practice.

Upgrading your medical office makes good business sense. New technology leads to better patient care and utilizes your staff in more productive ways. With a HIPAA compliant cloud PACS solution you can be sure your office will run more smoothly.

Cloud computing and storage is a fairly recent telemedicine technology that allows ultrasound images and diagnostics to be stored on remote servers. This means that images and studies can be uploaded into the “cloud” and accessed from any computer with internet access. This eliminates the need to carry around copies or backups of files or worrying about having specific software installed on your computer.

Telemedicine continues to evolve as new technologies emerge and healthcare reform shapes expectations. Medical offices who wish to keep pace will need to offer a wide range of technology solutions that can handle the increased expectations from patients.

Studycast® is the leader in SaaS diagnostic testing and ultrasound imaging solutions. Studycast® uses the cloud for data storage and to allow physicians access and transmit ultrasound studies 24/7 from virtually anywhere. Traditional methods to transmit ultrasound images could take up to an hour, while Studycast® studies can be transmitted in five minutes or less.

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