Web based applications have made tremendous strides in recent years especially with improvements in accessibility. Web-based medical imaging and diagnostic testing solutions offer health care facilities convenience, security and cost effectiveness. The inherent ease of access for physicians also means better patient care.

Below are some of the core benefits of web-based imaging solutions for clinical and financial effectiveness.

Improve Radiology Workflow

Radiologists are faced with the need to deliver superior and timely patient care in a cost-effective manner. A web-based imaging solution streamlines radiology workflow and provides the radiologist with real-time access to critical information and time sensitive results.

Web-based ultrasound imaging eliminates the need for thermal paper and hand written notes. This helps with quality control and assurance while saving valuable time in the radiologist’s workday.

Improve Diagnostic Testing for Physicians

Reading physicians require fast access to patient information. A web-based solution significantly improves an imaging center’s ability to process and share these diagnostic tests and medical studies.

Rather than waiting 2-10 days to see the results of a diagnostic test, web-based solutions allow reading physicians to receive and access the reports immediately and automatically. Reading physicians who use web-based diagnostic testing and imaging can complete interpretations any time on any computer with internet access. This means greater flexibility for the specialist and a faster turnaround time for the referring physician.

Medical Imaging Cost Savings

Health care systems around the world are under enormous pressure to improve efficiency and quality of care while reducing costs. Medical imaging done electronically and then stored and shared online means imaging departments can cut costs associated with film, CDs, videotapes, packaging and shipping.

Many PACS systems require constant administrative support and maintenance. This can put a strain on already tight medical budgets. A web-based diagnostic testing solution eliminates the need for an expensive in-house IT department.

Studycast is the leader in diagnostic testing and radiology workflow solutions. Traditional methods for transmitting ultrasound studies could take up to an hour, while Studycast studies can be transmitted in five minutes or less.

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