Did you know? The American Heart Association has identified that more women die of heart disease annually than the next three causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer. Fortunately, advances in medical technology have improved the heart disease screening and treatment processes for women.

Technology has no doubt changed the way we live, work, and even practice medicine. Portable medical equipment, digital ultrasounds, remote access, and smartphone applications have all changed the way patients receive treatment. Modern mobile ultrasound solutions have eliminated the need for film, cds, dvds, and mailing – cutting costs and saving time by providing immediate access to the images over the internet.

Now, physicians routinely capture the patient’s heart quickly, store the images online, and integrate the web-based reports into their daily practice.

Mobile medical technology also increases the reach for rural healthcare facilities to provide care. Ultrasound technologists no longer have to be based solely in a large city or large hospital. Even the smallest doctors’ offices can have a trained technologist on staff to take the image and share it with a women’s health specialist or cardiologist somewhere else. This means more women in cities and small towns across the U.S. can have access to important heart disease screenings.

Studycast® for Women’s Heart Health

Studycast® allows you to transmit and view ultrasound images anywhere you have internet access. You can create complete, professional reports that include study images with just a few clicks, and you can even share those images with your patients right in your office on an iPad.

Studycast® is scalable, flexible, vendor-neutral, and compatible with all ultrasound equipment manufacturers. It’s a complete IT solution without the headache of managing IT.

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