Sales and interest in portable ultrasound (mobile ultrasound) technology continues to grow. It’s not just your smartphone that keeps getting smaller, mobile ultrasound machines are also shrinking, becoming more light-weight and easier to transport.

Just like the iPhone 5s will come with a newer and more improved operating system, newer mobile ultrasound machines should also run on the best and most updated software available.

Studycast for example, is a cloud based PACS platform that allows ultrasound technologists to view, upload, and share ultrasound images online. This ability is especially helpful when technologists are out in the field or overseas, when mobility is most critical. It makes the process of viewing and reading ultrasound images faster and easier.

Mobile Ultrasound Software

Studycast® is the leader in diagnostic imaging solutions and cloud PACS. Traditional methods for transmitting ultrasound studies could take up to an hour, while Studycast® studies can be transmitted in five minutes or less.

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