In the last three years, mobile imaging providers have noticed an increase in demand for their services. They explain that the main reasons for the increases are: cost effectiveness, simplicity, and efficiency of their products.

Mobile Imaging Cost Effectiveness

The enhanced technology is a modernized improvement from older, static, modalities. Additionally, repairs and replacement expenses, for older imaging equipment has spiraled out of control in small and medium sized hospitals. The main reason is due to the fact that these facilities frequently do not have the scale or financial resources to purchase high-end diagnostic equipment.

Simplicity of Mobile Medical Imaging

The simplicity of mobile medical imaging equipment has also solved issues of complications and delays between sonographers and reading physicians. For example, complications of over-scheduling patients or not having equipment available are now solved.

Medical Imaging Efficiency

Hospitals and physicians have also accepted the innovative mobile imaging paradigm, due to its efficiency.
While medical physicians and other healthcare personnel are maintaining busy schedules, they still want to ensure that their patients are tested quickly in the event that if something is wrong they can improve patient care via early treatment.

Demo a Mobile Medical Imaging Solution

Core Sound Imaging, Inc. has designed a straightforward mobile medical imaging solution that is efficient, productive, and cost-effective called Studycast. The two main components of Studycast include: CoreConnect™ and CoreWeb™.

CoreConnect™ allows ordering medical providers to send imaging test requests to sonographers via a secure server, known as CoreWeb. CoreWeb is the actual interface for web PACS that is compatible to fit inside any facility infrastructure. The smart worksheet, provided via CoreWeb, releases patient demographic and measurement data from studies and also gives physicians the ability to access testing information from anywhere.

Physicians need not worry about patient privacy as all procedures require authorized user log-in information. CoreWeb is also accredited and meet full requirements of HITECH Act and HIPPA. Mobile imaging cuts expenses as the entire process, from testing to result distribution, occurs online and doesn’t require using other media—e.g. DVDs, tapes, and dictations.

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