Dr. Kamran Gardouzi

We’re pleased to announce a relationship with Dr. Kamran Gardouzi of Wilmington, NC’s new Scarless Vein Center. Studycast’s powerful imaging and workflow solution met the high standards of Dr. Kamran Gardouzi who firmly believes in the positive impact state-of-the-art solutions can have on patient care.

An important element in the roll out of Scarless Vein Care Centers was seamless imaging workflow and state-of-the-art solutions. Dr. Gardouzi chose Studycast to reduce the time his office staff and physicians were spending on imaging documentation. Our Studycast software allows his team to view images on a mobile device, allowing them to be viewed from the location and at the time preferred by the physician.

Scarless Vein Care is scheduled to open an 18,000 square foot dermatology and vein care center in Wilmington, NC on September 26, 2014 in partnership with DermOne Dermatology, a nationwide chain of dermatology centers. The center will be the flagship facility for both patient care and training of healthcare professionals for the treatment of skin and vein disorders. The new facility’s vein initiative will be led by Dr. Gardouzi, who is a pioneer in scarless vein treatment.

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Studycast cloud PACS can integrate with your EHR / EMR system like it did for Dr. Gardouzi. It allows physicians to transmit and view ultrasound images anywhere with internet access. It creates complete, professional reports that include study images with just a few clicks, and those images can be shared with patients on any mobile device, including an iPad.


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