After a successful medical camp in January 2012, the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) and GE Healthcare (GE) are once again in rural northwest India to utilize advances in cardiovascular ultrasound technology.

Echo Camp in India

Core Sound Imaging’s Studycast will be used to expand the reach from the rural setting with long-distance, web-based technology to the remote sonographers. The project was organized by Partho P. Sengupta, MD, FASE, a New York-based cardiologist, a member of the Board of ASE, and the India liaison for ASE. The local training was coordinated by Dr. Ravi Kasliwal, MD and Dr. Manish Bansal, MD, FASE, of Medanta – The Medicity.

Read the full press release: ASE and GE Healthcare Return to India Aiming to Educate on the Use of Ultrasound Technology in Remote Areas


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