Teleradiology is the transmission of medical images like x-rays, CTs, and MRIs from one location to another for the purpose of sharing studies with other radiologists and physicians. It allows radiologists to store, view, and distribute medical images and patient files easily over the web.

A mere ten years ago however, teleradiology was used only occasionally by radiologists to interpret studies off-site, like from their home, in emergency situations. They would use their personal computers and relied on dial-up internet connections that could take hours to download a single image.

Fortunately, the introduction of high-speed connections has helped speed up data transfers from one computer to another. Studies and images can now upload and download in a matter of minutes. This has increased opportunity and demand for radiology consults. The occasional 2 x-ray studies per week have quickly become 10 or more per night.

Cloud computing and storage is a fairly recent technology advancement that allows data to be stored on remote servers. This means that images and studies can be uploaded into the “cloud” and accessed from any computer with internet access. This eliminates the need to carry around copies or backups of files or worrying about having specific software installed on your computer. The only thing that is needed is access to the cloud via internet access.

The increase in internet availability has also impacted teleradiology solutions. There are few places left in the world where you can’t receive a WiFi or satellite signal. Radiologists can now access studies not only from their home computers, but from mobile devices and laptops they are using while on the road or doing aid work in foreign countries.

Because of teleradiology, radiologists can send and easily share thousands of images with minimal wait time and a high level of security provided by HIPAA. The results are decreased health care costs, and improved patient care through increased consultation among specialists and colleagues.

Teleradiology solutions continue to evolve as new technologies emerge and healthcare reform shapes expectations. Radiology practices who wish to keep pace, will need to offer a wide range of subspecialists and technology solutions that can handle the increased workloads.

Studycast® is the leader in SaaS diagnostic testing and teleradiology solutions. Studycast® uses the cloud for data storage and to allow radiologists access and transmit ultrasound studies 24/7 from virtually anywhere. Traditional methods to transmit radiology studies could take up to an hour, while Studycast® studies can be transmitted in five minutes or less.

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