Echo Cloud PACS for Cardiology Departments

Designed for performance and portability, “the cloud” is a term used to describe the process of storing and sharing data securely and remotely. This process has become widely popular in the healthcare industry, and most recently for cardiologists.

Echo PACS imaging and reporting tools that utilize “the cloud” merge data from multiple sources to provide an incredibly efficient reporting platform.

Echo PACS Reporting and Imaging Tools Allow You to:

  • Eliminate handwritten reports
  • Instantly view prior exam results
  • Obtain management reports with all desired data
  • Meet federal regulatory and accreditation requirements
  • Complete ultrasound and nuclear interpretations
  • Get immediate support via phone, email, or remote computer access

Studycast® echo cloud PACS can help support your cardiology department or practice. It creates complete, professional reports that include echo images with just a few clicks, and those images can be shared with patients on any mobile device, including an iPad.

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