Starting and running a mobile echocardiogram service can be hard work, but can also be very rewarding. Here are some helpful tips on getting started!


1. Secure funding for your mobile echo service.

Getting the funds to start your service can often be the most challenging part. The best way is to get into a partnership with a cardiologist and use his ID numbers for insurance billing.


2. Take a business 101 course at your local college.

It is important to thoroughly understand all of the business aspects before you take on any commitments like buying or leasing a mobile echocardiogram machine. A good business class at a local college can be a great resource for learning the fundamentals.

It is also important to have a realistic business plan for how will you get referring physicians to change their referral patterns. Be able to answer questions like: What benefit is there to them? What is your process? and How long have you been in the industry?

Note: Do NOT pay physicians for referrals. This is illegal.


3. Setup a billing schedule for your mobile echo services.

Reimbursement laws are different in each state so make sure to do your homework. Talk with your local Medicare carrier and get information about what it will take for your business to become a provider.

As an option, you could also allow the cardiologist to bill the professional component while you bill the larger technical component.

Note: Whoever does the billing to Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance MUST be a recognized/certified/cleared biller with a provider/biller numbered account with each program. They usually each have their own reimbursement schedule you will need to know.


4. Demo and buy your equipment and mobile echo software.

Once you are ready to launch your mobile echocardiogram service, you will need to buy the right equipment and software. That’s where Studycast can help.

Studycast cardiology PACS is a mobile medical imaging solution that facilitates a more efficient, more comprehensive workflow for you and your practice. Access your echocardiogram study images and measurements from anywhere, on any device with internet access.

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