The medical imaging industry is focusing on innovative, patient-friendly products that promote greater safety and easier operability for physicians around the world. Here are some current trends.

Expanding Global Reach

According to research from Frost & Sullivan (, Global Trends in Medical Imaging – Cardiology Applications, there has been a recent shift in the adoption pattern for imaging modalities. North American and European markets have been mostly saturated, and so now the largest revenue share is being generated by emerging economies like China, India, Russia and Brazil. The research covers 4 diagnostic modalities for cardiac applications: cardiac computed tomography (CT), cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), echocardiography and interventional cardiology.

Rising Need for Cardio Imaging Solutions

Rising cardiovascular disease among an aging Baby Boomer population is expanding physicians’ patient pools while simultaneously increasing the demand for equipment and software that can better handle larger workload of diagnostic imaging. This drives the healthcare industry’s world-wide need for technologically advanced medical imaging software solutions.

Increase Demand for Imaging Mobility

Doctor Showing iPad with Ultrasound Management Software StudycastThe world is shrinking every day not just as more people are able to travel, but also as more people use technology to communicate with each other instantly while 1,000s of miles apart. So what was once impossible for healthcare, is now standard practice and the technology to support those mobile healthcare workers is needed.

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