Studycast cardiology PACS is a web based imaging and reporting solution that facilitates a more efficient, more comprehensive workflow for you and your cardiology practice. It allows you to access your echocardiogram study images and measurements from anywhere with internet access, even on an iPad.

Web Based Echocardiogram Reporting with Studycast Includes:

  • Dual-monitor support for simultaneously viewing images
  • Comprehensive cardiology reports for ultrasound and nuclear
  • Auto-routing of reports via fax, PDF, or HL7
  • Secure, digitally-signed final reports
  • Auto-generated administrative reports
  • Quality assurance, quality control, and accreditation reports

GE Healthcare Now Studycast Distributor

Web Based Echocardiogram Reporting Solution

Studycast web based reporting for echocardiograms allows cardiologists to transmit and view ultrasound images in the cloud. It creates complete, professional reports that include study images with just a few clicks, and those images can be shared with patients on any computer with internet access.

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