The “Cloud” …

… an elusive entity that defies explanation or description. Need to share something? Save something? Edit something later?

No worries, just “put it in the cloud”.

Without understanding it, we all effortlessly utilize cloud-based applications on a daily basis. Documents, photos, spreadsheets, financial accounts and more. Secure? Safe? Easy? Absolutely. You may not know how or why – but your trust in the Cloud has subconsciously been earned over years of reliability and constancy.

So why aren’t you applying this same, trusted, effortless security to your healthcare facility’s study images?

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Benefits of Cloud PACS

When it comes to healthcare technology, the Cloud becomes a critical tool for sharing practitioner expertise across facilities, as well as securely storing sensitive patient data. Employing the Studycast cloud-based PACS solution enables short- and long-term storage, retrieval, management, distribution and presentation of medical images, providing valuable functionality and countless benefits:

  • Smaller upfront investment, followed by a recurring cost, based on usage. This cost is easily budgeted as an operating “utility” versus a large capital expenditure.
  • Fast configuration on a client level, easily performed by a user with assistance from our knowledgeable, helpful support team.
  • Vendor-neutral integration, regardless of image source.
  • Ability to access the Studycast online portal with a secure username and password, view images, approve studies, complete interpretations – from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • Rapid elasticity to scale up and down, whether you are a small practice or large enterprise facility. Supports an unlimited number of users and unlimited storage for your data.
  • Single cloud-based application enables all clients to utilize the full set of features, as well as automatic, frequent, non-disruptive software updates that occur without effort from your internal staff.
  • Allow colleagues in different facilities to review images and provide feedback.
  • Provide secure, shared access to patients.
  • Facilitate second opinion services that can increase revenue for the facility.
  • Improve workflow by integrating with scheduling and EMRs; allow users of the system to be notified that activities need to be completed or provide status reports.
  • Prevent study images and reports from ‘going missing’.


Security is inevitably the top concern among those considering a cloud-based PACS like Studycast. The Cloud is essentially shared cyberspace, so how can you be sure that your patients’ stored medical, personal and billing information is secure? Rest assured, the safeguards that are put in place often provide a more secure environment than a fixed facility, where almost anyone can open a file drawer or browse through a desktop catalog. The Studycast PACS solution is audited annually and adheres to more strict requirements than a private practice or many hospitals.


Availability is another perceived limiting factor of a cloud service. Although rare, outages do occur, as they do with any on- or off-premise computer system. The astutely responsive Studycast support staff closely monitors client problems and works diligently with required updates to resume all functionality, quickly and as unobtrusively as possible.


Another important consideration with moving information to the Cloud is ease of retrieval. If I send it into cyberspace, how easy will it be to get it back when I need it? Studycast documents in writing that the data you are storing is yours and that you are guaranteed access to it. Length of storage and cost for receiving data on a storage device upon request will be covered in your agreement. We make it easy for you to confidently send your data “to the Cloud”.

The affordability, flexibility, and scalability of Studycast’s cloud-based PACS solution is a convenient and efficient method of storing, retrieving, managing, distributing and presenting your facility’s medical images.

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