Starting today, Studycast users will immediately be aware of the user interface enhancements. This streamlined appearance will allow the users to see more information on a single page. Faster access to study images and the reporting tool are available with the layout update.

This new design embraces principles that users of current mobile devices expect. Simple, colors that draw your eye to the often used elements on the page compliment Studycast’s focus on providing powerful solutions by simplifying the process.

Administrators and sonographers will enjoy faster loading pages and enhanced search and filter tools. CoreWeb 4.0 is the start of some exciting new tools that Studycast users will benefit from beginning in 2013!

New Studies Page

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Mobile Medical Imaging

Studycast mobile medical imaging platform allows physicians to transmit and view ultrasound images anywhere with internet access. It is a SaaS model and HIPPA compliant, making all patient data safe and secure in the cloud.

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