Core Sound Imaging, the expert in web-based digital imaging workflow, viewing, and storage solutions has teamed up with Väsamed, provider of diagnostic technologies that detect peripheral arterial disease in patients with diabetes, to offer SensiLase Studycast®, a unique solution for increasing the quality of patient care and improve diagnosis times. With this joint effort, they offer vascular specialists immediate access to test results, which provides a faster interpretation for the patient and the ability to start treatment more quickly. Paulita LaPlante, President and CEO of Väsamed, Inc., offers these statistics:

It is estimated that one in three of the 20 million Americans with diabetes also have peripheral arterial disease. Half of the 8-12 million Americans have undiagnosed PAD with rates much higher within underserved populations throughout the US.

Core Sound Imaging’s Studycast™ gives medical professionals unique tools for improved patient care. It’s a fully web-based technology and workflow solution for a variety of medical professionals: primary care physicians, podiatrists cardiologists, radiologists, sonographers, and those providing telemedicine services. Studycast streamlines the workflow and uses encryption technologies to ensure the security of study data. Physicians can instantly view both still images and moving images for current and past studies. Brittny, a lead sonographer at a clinic in Houston, comments:

Since we started using Studycast, what a huge difference it has made. Our office has been able to double our workload with faster results and reports. The availability for use on the internet at any location has made it so easy for Reading doctors to interpret the exams. It is very user friendly and has a lot of outstanding features that we have not seen with other programs. The support staff is very helpful and always responds quickly to any problem or question that may come up. Getting started using the program was very easy and we all picked it up very quickly. I cannot imagine if we had not started using Studycast . We have had an overall great experience and will continue our relationship with Studycast in the future.

The SensiLase System’s unique combination of Skin Perfusion Pressure (SPP) and Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) tests are useful for managing chronic wounds and other types of symptoms where flow in the extremities may be compromised. The SensiLase System from Väsamed allows physicians to assess micro and macro circulation in ways that other diagnostic tools cannot. Podiatrists, wound care centers, and dialysis centers will appreciate how SensiLase combines the SPP and PVR tests to efficiently assess Peripheral Arterial Disease and to help manage chronic wounds. The SensiLase system is also highly effective in identifying diabetic footcare issues in patients with diabetes. Vascular specialists are often unavailable where SensiLase is being performed, so the Studycast solution from Core Sound Imaging allows the SensiLase studies to be uploaded to a secure server. SensiLase tests can then be made available to the vascular specialist immediately. The test is interpreted by the physician, and the Väsamed Studycast solution forwards the final report directly to the ordering physician so the results can be shared with the patient immediately. Laurie Smith, COO of Coure Sound Imaging, says:

We are thrilled about this parternership; this collaborative care model will have a dramatic effect on the treatment of diabetic patients and other CAD/PAD at-risk populations.
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