Both new and existing Studycast® clients will benefit from Core Sound Imaging’s new interpretation tool for stress echo studies.  Core Sound Imaging, the pioneer of Software as a Service (SaaS) for medical diagnostic testing, has made completing stress echo interpretations easier and more effective than ever before.

The European Journal of Echocardiography published an article on January 11, 2010, concluding:

Stress echocardiography is a cost-saving method for the investigation of chest pain in patients with low-intermediate risk of flow-limiting coronary artery disease in the district hospital setting.

Additionally, Sabrina Sawhney, M.D. of St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center and Columbia University in New York (AMBIGUOUS), recently noted:

For women with a high pretest probability of coronary artery disease, stress echocardiography is an effective method for risk stratification because it provides incremental prognostic value beyond that of clinical, stress ECG, and resting echo.

As practitioners search for new ways to meet new federal regulations for moving to electronic medical records (EMR) while cutting costs, solutions must be efficient.  The new stress echo SmartWorksheets from Studycast® by Core Sound Imaging fit the bill.

Using the guidelines defined by the American Society for Echocardiography (ASE) as a baseline, Core Sound Imaging developers have created an interactive diagram for wall motions scoring indices to provide an efficient tool for interpretation.  Using secure access to patient test results, cardiologists just click one button, and the SmartWorksheets build the sentences to define the physician’s selections..  No other web-based PACS system comes close to providing this level of interpretation tools.

Once the interpretation is complete, a final report, complete with the 17-segment model images on the worksheet, is delivered to the ordering physician automatically.  The new exercise stress echo and pharmacological stress echo SmartWorksheets are just a small part of the comprehensive Studycast® workflow solution.

About Core Sound Imaging, Inc.

Core Sound Imaging, the provider of Studycast®, is on the frontier of image storage and delivery, and they have integrated other diagnostic testing into their workflow solution. Traditional methods for transmitting ultrasound studies could take up to an hour, whereas the unique Studycast® approach to uploading an ultrasound study from its initial site to a secure, enterprise-class data center means that studies can be transmitted in five minutes or less.  Once a study is uploaded, a physician can view both ultrasound still images and ultrasound loops instantly via a web browser.  All study data is transmitted along with the images, and Studycast® automatically populates the data in the SmartWorksheet.  The SmartWorksheet is a reporting tool for the interpreting physician, and it’s quick and easy to use.  This facilitates a more accurate and prompt interpretation of the ultrasound study. Studycast® also delivers the final report to the ordering physician upon approval from the interpreting physician.  This powerful workflow solution is more cost-effective than most traditional storage models as well.  In addition to providing solutions for ultrasound imaging, Studycast® can transfer and store data from nerve conduction, holter monitor, ABI, PVR, and heart rate variability tests.

Core Sound Imaging is based in Raleigh, NC, and its clients include hospitals, cardiology practices, primary care physicians, mobile ultrasound groups, and providers of telemedicine and teleradiology services throughout the United States.

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